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Return of the Office

The Office Season 10 Comicbook

Ever wonder what happens at Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch after the Finale?

What changes has Dwight implemented as Regional Manager?

What has Meredith been up to or into?

Who is the new Assistant to the Manager?

All these questions and more are answered in our fully interactive comicbook

Return of The Office

The Office Season 10 comicbook

Enjoy for free below

The creator of this marvelous comicbook has already met numerous cast members and even helped create an Office Trivia Crossword Puzzle Book for Leslie David Baker based on his most iconic moments from the show.

Rainn Wilson Called it Epic on his Twitter!

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We are currently working with Tone Rodriguez on another comicbook series, he is the Illustrator who had the task of illustrating all of Pam’s artwork on the show. With your help we can finish The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert comicbook by December right on time for a Classy Christmas. Issue #2 of the Return of The Office is nearly complete and will be releasing soon. We are also working with a group of office fans to release a Threat Level Midnight comicbook as well!