Dwight Bobblehead

by The Warehouse


Iconic bobblehead Angela gifted Dwight for Valentines Day. Now everyone Can bring a little piece of the office home with them.

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    Let me ask you something.


    Have you ever wished you could be part of The Office, act out one of the scenes just for fun. Have you ever dreamed of being able to have that warm feeling The Office brings you all the time. Because of this we wanted to let you know you can bring a little piece of the office home with you.So here is the the most iconic bobble head in the world. There are, however, some people that might disagree but it is the very same Dwight Bobblehead that Angela gifted to Dwight on Valentines day. Firstly, it’s an epic gift for any occasion and what Office fan wouldn’t want something amazing like this? So get your’s today because these won’t last long!

    It’s Dwight!


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