Hi, We’re Dunder Mifflin

An innovative paper company of like-minded folks selling useful and essential products for all businesses


Robert Dunder and Robert Mifflin meet during a tour of Dartmouth college and become great friends 


The company was founded by Robert Dunder, and it was originally a supplier of metal brackets for construction.


Robert Mifflin teams up with Robert Dunder and start selling paper instead of brackets. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company the Legacy begins.



Robert Mifflin had a great life. But unfortunately was diagnosed with depression, which over nine million Americans suffer from and is very treatable. He commits suicide with a gunshot to the head


Michael Scott is hired as a junior salesperson


Up-and-coming star salesman, Michael Scott, wins his first Salesman of the Year award, making him the youngest salesman to win the award in company history. This award is literally the highest possible honor that a Northeastern Pennsylvania based mid-size paper company regional salesman can attain.


 Michael wins his second Salesman of the Year award, Shattering his previous record.



Due to his amazing ability at selling paper, Michael Scott is named Head Salesperson of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.


Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert are both hire as Junior Salesmen working directly under Michael Scott.



Star Salesperson Michael Scott promises a group of local underprivileged third graders that he will pay for their college tuition, the school renames the library after Michael Scott. The children name the foundation Scott’s Tots.


Former Scranton branch manager Ed Truck retires. 

Head Salesperson Michael Scott is promoted to Regional Manager


Up-and-coming star salesman, Dwight Schrute, wins his first Salesman of the Year award, This award is literally the highest possible honor that a Northeastern Pennsylvania based mid-size paper company regional salesman can attain. Dwight received his award and gave a great speech, that’s the word on the street, anyway


Scranton Branch absorbs Stamford


Ryan Howard becomes the youngest Vice President in Dunder Mifflin history running the entire Northeast Region and also Director of New Media. Dunder Mifflin Infinity launches on the world wide web.


Dunder Mifflin Infinity is in trouble, due to sexual predators in the ill-advised social network. Ryan orders the Scranton branch to list sales they make on the phone as website sales to improve its reputation. Ryan is exposed for misleading the shareholders and was arrested.


Jo Bennett, CEO of Sabre buys Dunder Mifflin in hopes to sell printers to their existing clientele. 


Michael Scott resigns as Regional Manager, leaving as the all-time most productive Regional Manager in Dunder Mifflin history


Sabre decides to open a chain of retail stores with triangle devices and fails,


 After all the issues with Sabre and their printers they decide to sell Dunder Mifflin and its  purchased by ex CFO David Wallace, after the success of his invention called “Suck It”


After a string of unworthy regional managers, David Wallace hires Dwight Schrute as the new Regional Manager of the Scranton Branch


Dwight Schrute has successfully increased profits in an increasingly paperless world thanks to his extreme work ethic. He now holds the title of the highest grossing Branch ever in Dunder Mifflin history.

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