Welcome to the Office Sales Staff page. Firstly, have you ever wanted to be part of the Office Sales Staff? Well now you can because this is a unique opportunity to be part of the team. Being a paper salesperson is a coveted position among most Office fans. Similarly, so is being a temp.In other words, you can’t go wrong trying this out. In conclusion, you should check out our website for more information about applying because this exciting opportunity won’t last for long!!! Ther are, however, people that will disagree. But this is still one of the most amazing opportunities in existence.




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Let me tell you a little bit more about being a paper salesperson. Firstly, to be part of the Office Sales team is an exciting opportunity because you will have the ability to make money with us. Secondly, you will receive a lot of Office products. There are, however, some things you need to do. One of the things you need to do is apply. Moreover, you will need to purchase the employee package. In addition, you have to convince others that being a papersalesperson is an amazing new thing. So take a chance on me as Andy would say! In conclusion, this is really important to the universe that you do this.



hi Office Sales are really important


Dwight Schrute
Regional Manager


Brittni Brown
Paper Saleswoman
Jeff Vera
Paper Salesman
Nikki Saldaña
Paper Saleswoman
Rod Pendulum
Paper Salesman
Nina Jackson
Paper Saleswoman
Dunder Kitten
Paper Salescat
Sarah Gonzales
Paper Saleswoman
Malcolm Barrett
New Stanley

Relations & Quality Control

Devon White
Quality Control
Meredith Palmer
Supplier Relations

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IG Salesperson
IG Salesperson

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Got what it takes to be a paper salesman? Great! FIll out the application and we will get in touch with you for the next steps to take!